WhizzWalk is a business protection tool, used for collecting data by carrying out real visits by WhizzWalkers. Our verified WhizzWalkers write reviews on places visited, services taken, products used, food and beverages etc. This tool is useful for knowing the market, product, service quality, accuracy, etc.

Mobile App for WhizzWalkers

Mystery Shopping Tool

Compliance Audits

Extempore Audits

Stock Audits

Competition Audits

Market Survey

Workplace Evaluation

Customer Experience 

Deep Dive Into WhizzWalkers’ Collected Information

One of the most powerful features of WhizzWalk you can use to make sense of the information collected by our WhizzWalkers. Observe answer trends, view the images taken and listen to audio recordings from multiple observations. Set the date ranges, filter the results, view results based on location. You have control over what you want to see.